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Hunter Valley Boutique artisan foodie gifts
Classic Hunter Valley Hampers Gift Box - featuring a timeless selection of artisan pastes, tastes and flavours - along with a boutique highly regarded Hunter Valley Wine.  In a wooden handmade presentation box.

There's such a difference between truly standing for what you believe in and just having a mission statement that says what you believe in.  We've all seen those signs stuck up on the side of shop walls where the staff believe ion things and want to do the best possible - and they suck - right?  Just like when you order from Newcastle hampers and Gift baskets - you can expect the very best in a meaningful and purposeful gift that is not just the ordinary.

Too many affiliate companies and even florists have turned their attention to gift hampers and making fresh fruit baskets and to be honest - their intentions may be good, but their actual product delivery just plain sucks.  Here's why.

Corporate Hampers and Gifts for staff rewards delivered.
Unpacked - value for money and an inspired curation of quality hard to find goods - this is what you can expect in your gourmet hamper when it is unpacked - a delightful, surprising gift for the occasion.


When you are a florist or a fruit and vegetable shop and you reckon you'll have a bash at fruit baskets and gourmet hampers - you just sound phony and disconnected from reality straight away.  You're not in it for this from the start - so why have a stab at it now?  It's not what you do - it's just a thing you're chucking together on the side - isn't it?  And you think we're not gonna notice?  Yeah - right!

Imagine you're standing in the shop of the florist or fruit and veg store - the floors dirty - there's no one at the counter - a tired old man squints open an eye from his chair in the back corner of the shop - and then you see it - a tattered piece of paper with some dodgy clip art pinned to a cork board - it's the mission statement.

Our mission is to fulfill ...xxx...  exceed expectations for quality, value and service.
Strive to earn loyalty ...xxx... over delivering and meeting promises..xxx...  exceptional personalized service ...xxx...  supporting development and providing opportunities ...xxx...  yadda yadda yadda

It drones on.  It's not really a reflection of the business or your experience and it really has as much meaning as a cat hanging on poster or a palm tree on Maui hung from the wall.  What's the point?

hampers and gift baskets featuring fruit for delivery in newcastle
Fresh Fruit is the Answer - as a catch all gift suggestion - there is something about the fresh honesty and authenticity of fresh fruit - nothing quite matches the unspoiled purity of fruit.


When you choose to send your #fruitbasket, #gourmethamper or #corporategifts with Hunter Valley Hampers you can rest assured you will be served with respect, individual care and personal attention to detail.  As Newcastle's longest serving hamper and gift basket specialists - we know the business and we know what people expect and appreciate when they are ordering a stunning, amazing and memorable gifting experience.

You see, it's not about the gift basket - or the fresh fruit - or the artisan local food and wine - it's about the presentation and the perfect delivery at just the right moment when you need to make the connection.  And making that connection with someone special to you is what it's all about really - and that, my friend, is what we know best.


So we might not have the flashest mission statement or the biggest social media blurb with the hashtags and the @ and the whatever else we need these days - but we do a damn fine hamper and having a big shiny hamper plonked on your front office is one of the nicest, most powerful ways to share and connect and there's just a total guarantee that it will turn heads and makes mouth corners curl upwards.
Sel;ection of gouormet foodie products for a mens beer hamper in Newcastle
Traditional Mens Gift Ideas - you may be surprised how much attention to detail and satisfying content you can expect in a handmade gourmet gift box from Newcastle's Hamper Specialists.

  Try it yourself - be brave and step up to a local artisan business and see for yourself the difference.  We know the difference between a robot with some cut and paste text and the living breathing small business.  Genuine affection and meaningful gifts are what you are after - and you will be able to see, taste and feel it when you choose a local gift basket.

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