3 Ways to Love Fruit Baskets

It is little known that men normally encounter a higher rate of illness than women - but it is not all bad news, says Kacy Fletcher of The Fruit Basket Company in Sydney, New South Wales.

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"It's difficult to argue against fast food and the benefit of prepackaged food," said Fletcher, who supplies fresh fruit delivery to workplaces, hospitals and suburbs in the Sydney.

"But they can be "encouraged" towards healthy eating habits and walking away from the drive thru. Fresh, delicious fruit accessible most times of the day is a crucial step.".

"Eating more fruit has such a substantial imprint on decreasing the risk of lifestyle conditions. Providing a Fruit Hamper is an effective way to help men try in a fun, lighthearted way with a healthy diet.".

"There is a silent health crisis in Australia," said Dr. David Gremillion in a recent article on the Men's Health Network. Gremillion warned about the parlous state of men's health. "It's a sad fact that, on average, Australian men live sicker and die younger than Australian women.".

Fruit Baskets Delivered is a Sydney, NSW-based company that delivers premium quality, local fruit to the workplace. Since 2007, Market Fresh Fruit Baskets and Hampers is Sydney's only taste-tested gourmet fruit delivery service and is recommended by clients for beautiful presentation, hand written personal messages and designer handpicked fruit arrangements.

For more information on FruitBaskets.net. au Fresh Fruit and for a glimpse at what goes into a Sydney Fruit Hamper contact 1300 284 684 for more information.

Through a well balanced diet of vegetables and fruits, and with routine exercise health risk elements can be decreased. And sharing a fruit hamper filled with seasonal fruit is an efficient way to encourage the man in your life to enjoy more fresh fruits.

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