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Finding the right Fruit Basket for delivery in Newcastle is simple - call 1300 284 684.  Once you consider the experience and testimonials of a trusted gift hamper supplier you won't risk your impression with anyone else.  And who better to give the privilege of sharing your thoughts than the team who have been winning hearts and making people smile since 1988?  Stay loyal to local and stick with Newcastle and the Hunter Valley's preferred gift basket and hamper specialist.

Looking for fresh fruit at your local markets?  Trying to find a great fruiterer so you can make your own gift basket delivery suggestion?  Have a browse through our favourite picks for fresh fruit and vegetable delivery specialists in and around the Newcastle, NSW and Hunter Valley regions.

In no particular order, here are our recommended fruit and vegetable specialists from Newcastle - if you happen to know of any others that you feel should be on the list, leave a note in the comments section and I will be sure to get yours added to the list.  Let's make this the best list of local fruit and veg in Newcastle NSW.

University of Newcastle Fruit Boxes

Help for struggling students to get Fruit and Veg - worthwhile
Did you know NUSA runs a fruit and vegie box service every week during semester? You can purchase a box of fruit and vegetables for $15. You need to order and pay by 4pm on a Wednesday for collection after 11am Thursday.
This service is run by volunteers who go to the fruit and vegie market at 6am with the money and purchase the contents for the boxes. Volunteers then sort the content into everyone's box from 7am.
As a student I recall the days when eating an apple or banana was something other people did - I couldn't get me enough tobacco and alcohol.  But times change and I guess eating fruit is de rigeur in 2014 (sorry, couldn't help using a uni word there - it means "the done thing" or something like that)

Newcastle's Banana Barn

Brilliant concept and regular reliable Newcastle Delivery
Banana Barn welcomes you to be able to brows through a vast range of Fruit & Vegetables, not to mention a good range of household needs at reasonable prices.  We thank you for your support over the years and hope the new site will make shopping even easier for you and your family.
Making the time for your own fresh fruit and vegetable selections in today's modern world is simply beyond many people - that's why having everything sorted works with home delivery.  In the same way a fresh fruit basket delivery to Newcastle just makes sense.

Newcastle City Farmers Market

Take in the sights and sounds of the fresh fruit, food and markets
Where else can you find a showcase every Sunday of Hunter Valley local produce, wines and gourmet delights? Where else can you talk to the farmer, producer, artisan and find out where your food is made, how to cook it and even taste-test while you're shopping in the pavilions and around the village green atmosphere of the showground?
Going to the markets to buy fresh fruit and vegetables every Sunday morning is something of an institution in inner city Newcastle.  Wake up early, get yourself some fresh fruit and maybe even some handmade artisan products - it's all there for you.

Talk Fresh Fruit Delivery

Great fresh fruit and vegetables with weekly specials a bonus!
Talk Fresh Home Delivery provides top quality affordable produce to residents across Newcastle & Lake Macquarie. We deliver on Tuesday and Thursday...
Love this website delivering fresh fruit in Newcastle!  Plenty on offer and a great idea is the bonus of discounts and specials for fruit that is in season.  Highly recommended.

Fresh to You Fresh Fruit Delivery

Fresh Fruit Delivery Service in Newcastle - Fresh To You
Fresh to You is a Newcastle based home delivery service for fresh fruit, vegetables and assorted foods to homes, businesses and restaurants. We have expanded from delivering to a handful of homes to deliveries all over Newcastle and Myall regions. Our commitment to you.
You can sense the feel good energy behind this brand - has a great cartoon logo so you know the people have a sense of humour and make nice people to deal with when ordering fresh fruit in Newcastle.

Aussie Farmers Direct Fresh Fruit Delivery

Getting to know your local franchisee makes all the difference
Aussie Farmers Direct - Local Franchisees offering Shop Online at Aussie Farmers Direct for Fresh Milk, Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Seafood, Organic Food and Groceries, all with Easy Home Delivery!
Every afternoon the local fresh fruit delivery truck winds it's way up past our place towards the beach and if you're patient you can see the delivery man pop out and drop off his deliveries.  It's such a pleasure to have fresh fruit hampers delivered to share your personal message.

Fresh Ingredient Fruit Delivery

Local Fruit Shop offering Fresh Fruit Delivery in Newcastle
The Fresh Ingredient at Georgetown offers a FREE Home Delivery service for customers in the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie area. Simply follow the steps above and we will hand-pick your fruit, vegetables and groceries, box them with care and deliver them to your door.
They've always been a favourite of ours, since when we were living out Waratah way in the 1990's.  For Newcastle Fresh Fruit and Veg delivery, they are certainly hard to beat.

Organic Feast Fresh Fruit Delivery

Organic just makes sense- fruit delivery in Newcastle
Fruits and veggies are an essential part of a healthy diet, but many CONVENTIONALLY GROWN varieties contain pesticide residues. And not all the pesticides used to kill bugs, grubs, or fungus on the farm washes off under the tap at home. Tests show which fruits and vegetables, prepared typically at home, still have a pesticide residue.  You can eliminate your exposure to pesticides if you buy only CERTIFIED ORGANIC fruit and vegetables.
Eating pesticides sounds crazy - yet we submit to it every time we do not choose organic fruit and vegetables.  There has to be a better way - with your support and by increasing the awareness of organic food, we are all heading towards a brighter fresh fruit future.

Fresh Fruit Wholesale John Rarity

Offering Newcastle Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Delivery Service
Priding ourselves on our efficiency and customer service, we deliver quality, seasonal produce with excellent service and reliability which is critical to our leading hospitality and food service industry customers.
With the back up of a wholesale fruit and vegetable delivery service, it is no surprise that John Rarity has a commanding presence on the fruit markets scene.

Newcastle Fresh Fruit Wholesalers - Williams

Newcastle Fresh Fruit Wholesalers
Williams Premium Wholesale supplies all fresh fruit and vegetables as well as processed vegetables, salads and eggs across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie , Maitland , Hunter Valley , Port Spephens and Central Coast.  Based in Newcastle Fruit Markets located at Sandgate, we operate and deliver wholesale fresh fruit and vegetables 6 days a week.
Buying fresh fruit and fresh vegetables for your commercial operation can be simple and efficient if you take advantage of a local Newcastle and Hunter Valley based supplier.

Fresh Fruit Brothers

Local Newcastle dude and his bro doing some good with the fruit and veg
FRUITBROTHERS is a family owned & operated business. It is made up of 2 brothers with a love of fresh food, dedicated to delivering outstanding produce to the people of the Hunter!  We pride ourselves in Delivering Market Fresh produce including.
Finally, a feel good story from a local Newcastle, Hamilton based fresh fruit and Vegetable shop.  Great concept, bright colours and great service - everyone smiling!

Fresh fruit is what brings a smile and makes everyone feel healthy.

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