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Bren Murphy is a yoga enthusiast, half marathoner, father of three and small business owner - now he is offering personal coaching.  

Personal Coaching and Mindset Transformation by Bren Murphy is fun, revealing and leads to sustainable change to help you explore your potential.

Bren Murphy also edits Kindness Australia, a website based on the action of kindness, and Meditate Australia - for the best free guided meditation.

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Some fantastic tips for Christmas hampers and Gift Ideas with Wine from Hunter Valley Hampers.

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Fresh Fruit Fights Obesity


Ageing and obesity will be the next two most significant conditions that might lead to mortality. Speaking at the United Nations, a lecturer of global health solutions at Harvard University, and the director of the Global Health Systems Collection at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Epidemiology, Mr Rifat Atun, said.  Healthy gifts like fresh fruit hampers make the perfect responsible corporate gift if your business want to connect with staff and clients in a meaningful way..

Contagious diseases present a threat but nothing at all like the sustained life-style concerns that results form lifetime persistent obesity. Losing weight and keeping a healthy weight in the Body Mass Index (BMI) weight range is the best way to prevent health problems.

Particularly, Ebola has been maintained and effectively controlled, so the focus is squarely back on limiting fat consumption and regulating body weight gain.  And fresh fruit in a lovely generous gift basket ticks all these boxes.

Dealing with weight growth is more than a medical issue, with entrenched business models based on selling high fat high taste high salt products and shifting the corporate model from this requires considerable political pressure.

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Aside from infectious diseases, Atun said obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases like hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes will be the coming future's massively important health problems. "The second-most important problem will certainly be physical changes that emerge with ageing," he said.

And combining the two, a child with obesity could literally live 50 plus years presenting regularly at hospital and also clogging the system with the various related complaints that come with obesity.  Simple things like choosing a healthy gift option instead of chocolate makes a real difference.

Obesity is also complicated by the fact that it is certainly not simply a health related ailment - it is also has community and cultural implications. Rapid food and the reliance on fatty salty foods and sweet calorie dense foods leads to that a whole industry has grown around supplying these products, and dismantling it is not as simple as just advising people to buy other produicts.

The entire industrial complex is geared toward producing cheap, fatty foods as well as supplying it at speed - meanings that people are able to commute even more to and from employment and can eat meals in their vehicles instead of sitting about a table, eating fruit in a gift hamper.

This leads to really eating in a distracted manner and actually consuming a lot more, and eating the wrong foods as there is less pressure to maintain healthy choices when you are actually alone on the freeway. You can in a sense "get away with it".

The number-one challenge in combating excessive weight is the environment we live in, according so as to an Australian biologist who has received a Queen's Birthday honor in June 2015. Making fresh fruit and healthy gifts a part of everyday life is a start - and that's a corporate responsibility.  The best way to address this 'obesogenic environment' is to redefine obesity study and make it cross disciplinary, said Professor Stephen Simpson, who has been granted a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).

"It's extremely easy to say obesity is all a failure of will power but we've designed a world that makes it really hard," said Simpson," head of Obesity Australia, and of the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.

For example, our political and economic system encourages an unhealthy food supply system that produces processed food low in fiber and other essential nutrients, and caters our evolutionary drive for sugar and fat, he said.

"We've processed and industrialized our food supply chain to satisfy these ancestral appetites that are no longer relevant to us and are damaging us." It's as though we have created the whole food cycle of supply on the inappropriate principles - profit and taste - instead of health and sustainability.

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Human's evolutionary motivation to use less energy is also sustained by our built natural environment and car dependence, and that reduce our need to put out energy keeping warm or by being physically energetic.

"All of these points, through nobody's fault, are just heaped together against us and this leaves us having this real challenge. You need to interfere at all levels and at several locations in the complex system," he said.  Start today when you order a fruit hamper online for delivery in Newcastle

Simpson is spearheading a new cross-disciplinary approach at the Charles Perkin Center and is well-placed to do so since he has an experience in modelling complicated systems and cross disciplinary services.
Now a 'health ecologist, Simpson started out as an entomologist, analyzing the feeding and swarming behavior of locusts.  "I used locusts initially since a model system for developing an entirely new way of considering health and nutrition," he said.

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Core to this concept is that creatures need a maximum balance of different nutrient forms for example, required protein and starch "If you mention to customers to enjoy much less to burn fat and you don't ever gauge that our bodies do much more than tally nutrients, then you're on a hiding to practically nothing.".

The Charles Perkins Clinic involves clinicians, immunologists, metabolic biochemists, engineers as well as philosophers, economic experts and social scientists.

"We've got individuals collaborating in methods they've certainly never done before," said Simpson. "The model for how you get meaningful cross-disciplinary research study and education and learning which doesn't lose disciplinary credibility is unique.".

By working across all these kinds of disciplines, from excessive car travel to eating substandard food choices, people can really make an imprint on their lives. You can see how bad it has gotten along following Lynne's story below.

"We merely see the tip of the iceberg. There's lots of folk seeing their GPs considering type two diabetes who will never ever come up to a medical facility, at least not for the occasion.

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But they will most likely in 10 to 15 years time and it's a little something our team need to address as a community," supervisor of medication Marcus Savage said.

In the modern facility, three beds in a four bed bay often have to be shut to sustain one heavy patient. Their length of stay is on average four working days greater.  A shortage of larger, specialised equipment is also a problem.

The bariatric bedrooms in the new medical center will ease some of these difficulties, but will definitely add an extra $1.67 million to setting up costs.

"We're getting more people who fit into the bariatric category as well as need beds like this to manage them safely, and they're getting heavier as well, thus it's a double whammy," Professor Savage said.  "They current serious challenges from a medical point of view.".

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Diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high pressure sores, mental health problems and an improved chance of hospital-acquired infections are one of the complications.  "Surgery is also a challenge because it's very hard to wake up these consumers up. A lot of the anaesthetic medications dissolve into the extra body fat tissue and the anaesthetists have to keep them in recovery for a lot longer to ensure they wake up safely," he said.

Access to weight loss surgery in the public system is limited, with nine out of 10 bariatric operations taking place in private hospitals.  The idea is to send a fruit basket for a genuine authentic cheap gift delivery to hospital.

Indeed, this month a meeting of Australian surgeons heard that increasingly, obese people are being turned down for lap-band procedures because the risks outweigh (ahem...)  the benefits.

Morbidly fat people are typically being advised to lose weight before succumbing the scalpel.
But this might be challenging for men and women with limited mobility.

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Neighborhood services for the ordinary heavy patient amounts more than $43,000 a year, inned comparison to over $7,500 for a non-obese individual.

The amounts are striking, but at the bottom of the financial challenge for healthcare facility statistician are individuals fighting sophisticated issues - consumers like Lynne, who confesses she ate "all the wrong foods", but often did so to deal with difficult emotions.

McDonalds and KFC were her favourites. "It got to the point where I didn't really care. I over-indulged, I ate for comfort. If I didn't know what I wanted to do I 'd think, I may as well go and eat.".

Professor Savage said the new hospital would provide better treatment, but stressed it was merely a response to the problem. The "cure" is unlikely to be a medical one.  Fresh fruit hampers delivered as a get well soon gift hamper to Hospitals in Newcastle really work this time.

"If you're drunk you're not allowed to be served in a pub, but it's ok for fast-food outlets to deliver high calorie food in quantities that you and I couldn't possibly eat to an individual on a daily basis. So there's a moral issue," he said.

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"Some patients have feeders. They will have a relative or friend who will go to the supermarket or takeaway place and buy food for them to eat. There's psychology, there's genetics and, unfortunately, there's no easy answer.".

He said disadvantage and a lack of education were often drivers, as were environmental factors such as a lack of access to fruit and vegetables, particularly in rural and regional areas.

"We also need to look at food list labeling available for fast food shops, or tax to help to make processed food more pricey. It could be developing physical environments that promote more physical activity safely such as bike lanes, and making it safe for kids to stroll to school.".

"I'm looking forward to going home and visiting friends and even sitting out on the front veranda at home in the sunshine and the fresh air," she said.

"I'm enjoying a fresh fruit basket delivered to me as a get well gift. It really brightens my spirits.".

Local Artisan Foodie Gifts

Hunter Valley Boutique artisan foodie gifts
Classic Hunter Valley Hampers Gift Box - featuring a timeless selection of artisan pastes, tastes and flavours - along with a boutique highly regarded Hunter Valley Wine.  In a wooden handmade presentation box.

There's such a difference between truly standing for what you believe in and just having a mission statement that says what you believe in.  We've all seen those signs stuck up on the side of shop walls where the staff believe ion things and want to do the best possible - and they suck - right?  Just like when you order from Newcastle hampers and Gift baskets - you can expect the very best in a meaningful and purposeful gift that is not just the ordinary.

Too many affiliate companies and even florists have turned their attention to gift hampers and making fresh fruit baskets and to be honest - their intentions may be good, but their actual product delivery just plain sucks.  Here's why.

Corporate Hampers and Gifts for staff rewards delivered.
Unpacked - value for money and an inspired curation of quality hard to find goods - this is what you can expect in your gourmet hamper when it is unpacked - a delightful, surprising gift for the occasion.


When you are a florist or a fruit and vegetable shop and you reckon you'll have a bash at fruit baskets and gourmet hampers - you just sound phony and disconnected from reality straight away.  You're not in it for this from the start - so why have a stab at it now?  It's not what you do - it's just a thing you're chucking together on the side - isn't it?  And you think we're not gonna notice?  Yeah - right!

Imagine you're standing in the shop of the florist or fruit and veg store - the floors dirty - there's no one at the counter - a tired old man squints open an eye from his chair in the back corner of the shop - and then you see it - a tattered piece of paper with some dodgy clip art pinned to a cork board - it's the mission statement.

Our mission is to fulfill  exceed expectations for quality, value and service.
Strive to earn loyalty over delivering and meeting  exceptional personalized service  supporting development and providing opportunities  yadda yadda yadda

It drones on.  It's not really a reflection of the business or your experience and it really has as much meaning as a cat hanging on poster or a palm tree on Maui hung from the wall.  What's the point?

hampers and gift baskets featuring fruit for delivery in newcastle
Fresh Fruit is the Answer - as a catch all gift suggestion - there is something about the fresh honesty and authenticity of fresh fruit - nothing quite matches the unspoiled purity of fruit.


When you choose to send your #fruitbasket, #gourmethamper or #corporategifts with Hunter Valley Hampers you can rest assured you will be served with respect, individual care and personal attention to detail.  As Newcastle's longest serving hamper and gift basket specialists - we know the business and we know what people expect and appreciate when they are ordering a stunning, amazing and memorable gifting experience.

You see, it's not about the gift basket - or the fresh fruit - or the artisan local food and wine - it's about the presentation and the perfect delivery at just the right moment when you need to make the connection.  And making that connection with someone special to you is what it's all about really - and that, my friend, is what we know best.


So we might not have the flashest mission statement or the biggest social media blurb with the hashtags and the @ and the whatever else we need these days - but we do a damn fine hamper and having a big shiny hamper plonked on your front office is one of the nicest, most powerful ways to share and connect and there's just a total guarantee that it will turn heads and makes mouth corners curl upwards.
Sel;ection of gouormet foodie products for a mens beer hamper in Newcastle
Traditional Mens Gift Ideas - you may be surprised how much attention to detail and satisfying content you can expect in a handmade gourmet gift box from Newcastle's Hamper Specialists.

  Try it yourself - be brave and step up to a local artisan business and see for yourself the difference.  We know the difference between a robot with some cut and paste text and the living breathing small business.  Genuine affection and meaningful gifts are what you are after - and you will be able to see, taste and feel it when you choose a local gift basket.

Best of 2014 Newcastle Hampers Blog

Here is our round up of the most popular Newcastle Hampers Blog posts from the last year.  We've been flooded with positive responses and appreciate all the fantastic testimonials and gestures of appreciation from both people who have ordered a fruit hamper and those who are lucky enough to receive them.  When you're thinking of sending you next fruit basket or gourmet hamper to Newcastle, you know who to call.

1 - Newcastle Christmas Hampers Online

People seem to place so much importance on selecting their favourite place, their favourite food, their favourite wines.  And it seems like an endless quest to keep chasing the idea that somewhere out there is a new exhilarating combination of flavour and design that will totally know who you are and where you belong.

Like trying on an old pair of jeans for the first time, or that knowing smile from a childhood friend when you catch each other’s eyes through a crowd after decades apart.  Just the feeling of comfort and identity that you get when you finally, completely, have found your “thing”.

It’s the same here at Newcastle Hampers, where you can confidently make a selection from our aged menu of delectable hampers and gift baskets featuring the finest of local providore fresh food and boutique wines from little out of the way vineyards that we think are pretty special. 

Like for example our latest find – a bespoke winery at Twin Bridges where the knowledge and experience adds up to something like 500 years which is a lot compared to the six vintages they have available for sale.  But being “new” doesn’t mean rough and ready or lacking in finesse – quite the opposite as the latest vintage has emerged as well credentialed drinking and cellaring proposition.

2 -  3 Ways to Love Fruit Baskets

It is little known that men normally encounter a higher rate of illness than women - but it is not all bad news, says Kacy Fletcher of The Fruit Basket Company in Sydney, New South Wales.

"It's difficult to argue against fast food and the benefit of prepackaged food," said Fletcher, who supplies fresh fruit delivery to workplaces, hospitals and suburbs in the Sydney.

"But they can be "encouraged" towards healthy eating habits and walking away from the drive thru. Fresh, delicious fruit accessible most times of the day is a crucial step."

3 - Best Alternative to Flowers?

Have you seen how much space and clutter a few bouquets of flowers takes up in a hospital ward - or in the home of a person recovering from illness? There is nothing that compares to the fresh immediacy of a fresh fruit basket when you are sharing wishes of goodwill and gratefulness. Award winning fruit baskets make all the difference when you consider fruit is ready to eat right now, is easily held in the hand and most importantly - makes you feel great.

Looking for fresh ideas to increase your fruit intake? Take a look at Market Fresh for some stunning inspiration and dimple presentation ideas.

The best way to add more fruit to your diet is by making it feel as though it is a normal part of your day. The team behind Fresh Fruit Baskets have come up with some real innovations and it is no wonder people are following their adventures. They have 15k + Facebook likes - fantastic!

So there you have it, the Best Newcastle Hampers Posts from 2014.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your fruit baskets.

Gourmet Christmas Hampers + Gifts

Champagne and Chocolate cupcakes gifts Ideas
French Champagne and Chocolate Cupcakes

jam and scones local gourmet hamper
Classic Luxury Christmas Hampers
NEWS RELEASE 2014; Christmas Hampers for Premium Corporate Clients Handmade to Your Order

At Hunter Valley Hampers, owners Kacy Fletcher is clear where her motivation for green-conscious packaging comes from - recycling! After working in the gift baskets and premium hamper industry as a ground breaking entrepreneur since 2007, Ms Fletcher understands her work when it concerns sending a Xmas hamper.

And the overall condition of the industry when it comes to packaging and recycling where possible is quite shocking. In a gourmet hampers Australia first, Kacy discusses how the impression of size and bulk actually works against your value for money proposition. And how some actually easy insider tips and tricks can ensure you get the best pamper hamper or edible arrangements for your money this Xmas.

Gourmet Hampers Australia

Thank you gifts and Christmas Hampers for corporate clients are particularly vulnerable to the in excess of wrapping complication, as the only folks who really see within the hamper are the recipient - typically at a jubilant, especially flexible time of year. The frustration and head scratching of the recipient is lost amidst the noise and enjoyment of the Christmas Season.

In a recent article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists concurred that inefficient internal packing material of hampers is the primary problem. Kacy Fletcher saw this firsthand herself at Australia's home of independently owned handmade gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an excess of boxes in a larger size. It was more cost beneficial up front to use the large cartons and simply go back to even more inner wrapping than to go and source new closer suitable containers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2014

Using a bigger than essential size container means that freight costs are much higher, but with quantity courier discounts, it can nonetheless be far better to use the larger box, pay partially higher shipping and run out the large boxes rapidly. This way the hamper company avoids having to re purchase the more compact box dimension which could be a considerable impost for sending a fruit basket. Keeping this in mind it simply works to use more inner filler and leave the recipient to have to deal with the excess packaging when the delivery arrives.

"At Hunter Valley Hampers we appreciate the extreme waste that goes along with most corporate hamper firms," Ms Fletcher states, "We have actually seen samples where up to two thirds of the hamper package is chocked full of styrofoam blocks - and this is from a significant, trusted global organization - it's just not good enough!" Hunter Valley Hampers uses a light-weight but 100 % recycled inner filler, so receivers are not burdened with the problem of disposal of styrofoam blocks.

Hampers for Men

"One of the worst offenders is those little cellulose peanuts - they just drive me NUTZ when they spill out everywhere all over the place! They might get stuck - so I find myself crawling around on knees and hands picking up cellulose peanuts when in fact I should be relaxing with my gourmet hamper!

It is a real wake up call when rather than sending out a many thanks hamper to a valued friend or consumer - you are instead sending them the burden of removing and chasing those peanuts around the house when they blow everywhere.

It is a real relief to understand you can actually rely on Hunter Valley Hampers for sensible, recycled packing - produced from 100 % office paper waste - and also you will be also gifted very easy disposal once you open up you Christmas Hampers. When you choose other less sensitive suppliers, its a real point of difference and something you won't be blessed with. Choosing Hunter Valley Hampers never felt so good!

New Baby Gift Baskets

And how some really simple insider tips and tricks can ensure you get the best pamper hamper or edible bouquets for your dollar this Christmas.

Too often gift hampers are developed to appear as large as possible simply for visual appeals - with air filled packages and inner containers filling the vast of the hamper. This leads to an advantageous impression on shipping, when the receiver is surprised with what may appear to be a considerable carton sitting on their front door.

But as the hamper package is opened and the inner product packaging and vacant filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside. Unfortunately, this approach simply works because hurried and time poor corporate buyers merely go for the lowest cost and the biggest looking hamper setup. Kacy explains exactly the reason why that will not work and more in this insightful interview.

Free Delivery and Free Shipping

In her time with the picnic gift basket and fruit bouquet company Kacy has actually seen a few of the worst examples of tricking clients with huge boxes, filled with products like biscuits and crisps that are mainly air filled, then saturated in a sea cellulose peanuts. This means when you remove away most of the outer and inner packaging, you end up with a half dozen items on your kitchen space bench top and half a garbage filled with packaging. Choosing to send a basket should not mean that you are creating the choice of more packaging over the right gift hamper.

As the hamper box is opened and the inner packaging and void filler is stripped away, it soon becomes clear that there is just few items of gourmet or Christmas value inside. Choosing to send a basket should not mean that you are making the choice of more packaging over the right gift hamper.

In a recent article in the South China Morning Post, world famous gift hamper specialists agreed that wasteful interior packaging of hampers is the main problem. Kacy Fletcher saw this firsthand herself at Australia's home of independent handmade gourmet hampers - Hunter Valley when she had an excess of boxes in a larger size.