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Fruit Baskets Newcastle Offer simply the best range of full, generously portioned fruit baskets - no florists rushing to Coles at the last minute - and we buy our boxes of fresh fruit direct from the regional Markets at Sandgate.
Just a short one today - thank you for you support and encouragement as we go about establishing the Australian Fruit Basket Association - we are proud to have been nominated and are in the process of establishing ourselves with a seat on the board.  It is truly a pleasure and deeply satisfying to be recognised by our peers.

Making Newcastle's Best Hampers since 1988

Interview With Newcastle Hampers

AFTER A HALF DOZEN Christmas Seasons as the creative designer behind Hunter Valley Hampers, Kacy has a special feeling for knowing what her buying public wants.

And when you consider her Hunter Valley Hampers has sold out completely in 2011 and 2012 on a budget of zero advertising, it's no wonder she must be doing something right.  Artisan Food, Craft Beer and handmade fresh regional produce is a winning formula.

Over coffee, we sat down and asked her secrets to making a delicious gourmet hamper and what makes Hunter Valley Hampers a trusted authority on gift baskets.

"No Pretzels," Kacy laughs, when I ask her the secret to gourmet gift baskets, "Once we stopped putting in bags of pretzels we noticed we got a different clientele."

Keeping it Real for the Peeps

The secret to Hunter Valley Hampers success over the last decade (the business has operated independently since 1988, although only recently moved to 'high end' gourmet in 2009) is offering quality product regardless of the price.

"People are willing to pay for quality product," Kacy explains, showing a jar of tunisian spiced pickle made locally, "and so long as they know you are backing the product up with a meaningful purpose, place and personality; they will pay a premium price."

Fruit Basket Newcastle delivery same day
Fresh Fruit Baskets filled with the best most generous portions and delivered same day to Newcastle

"We see competitors offering plastic poinsettia flowers and questionable "gourmet" products like john west smoked oysters - these things just don't meet what our clients expect in a regional gourmet hamper," Kacy offered as a reason for the loyal customer base at Hunter Valley Hampers.  "It's really quite embarrassing to turn up at a corporate tower in Sydney and expect the executives to accept a hamper filled with this sort of stuff - I can see why people keep coming back to us.  We keep our hampers understated and let the real food do all the talking."

Making meaningful Connections with the Community

Things are looking great this Christmas, but I feel the moment of truth for any Christmas Gift Basket is the minutes after arriving home when the hamper box is sitting by your front door.  You place the box on the kitchen counter and open it to reveal a wicker basket filled with clinking jars, bottles, pouches and pudding - all presentation packed under crisp cellophane and ready for display under the Christmas Tree in time for the big day. 

An authentic artisan hamper for a genuine, homestyle Christmas Day.  Merry Christmas, and Give Yourself the Gift of a Joyous Sharing Christmas with real friends and valued family members.

Christmas Wishes Newcastle

Newcastle Christmas Hampers 2013
Newcastle's Highly Recommended Award Winning
Christmas Gift Hampers Call 1300 284 684
EVERYONE KNOWS it is a small town, so we all have some connection to each other - whether it be through work, sport, education or family - so making a thoughtful charity gift at Christmas in Newcastle NSW 2300 is like giving to a friend in some ways.

When I returned to a Christmas in Newcastle after living and working abroad, the first thing I noticed was how small everything looked - in my memory somehow it had been stored as this big grand place with monuments and towering buildings and epic natural features.  It was like the Christmas of my childhood.

But with the passage of time, that distance had eroded the memories to the point that on seeing them for the first time since returning from Europe - everything had a kind of hometown intimacy.  I truly felt like I had returned back home to Newcastle - that being a Novocastrian was definitely part of my identity.

Christmas and Giving Presents and Gifts in Newcastle

CHRISTMAS TIME is a time of frenetic acquisition - we move around consuming parties and gatherings and people with pace, as though there is some crazy deadline to get in as much as we can before we settle down at some family home for the Christmas Day luncheon.

And in all the hustle and movement in Newcastle 2300 we can too easily forget those who live with the struggle of poverty, lack of opportunity and sheer hopelessness. Even donating a Gift to a Toy Run is something in the right direction.  It is these people who should not be forgotten whilst we all gorge on unwanted mince pies, or leave half drunk bottles of beer at backyard barbeques.

I urge you all to go out and get involved in some small way with those less fortunate - even if it is only dropping a few coins into a buskers hat.   Just give something away to a fellow Novocastrian and see how you feel - it can be a curious sensation indeed.

Newcastle 2300 NSW - Merry Christmas
Happy New Year.

Newcastle Christmas Hampers Online

People seem to place so much importance on selecting their favourite place, their favourite food, their favourite wines.  And it seems like an endless quest to keep chasing the idea that somewhere out there is a new exhilarating combination of flavour and design that will totally know who you are and where you belong.

Like trying on an old pair of jeans for the first time, or that knowing smile from a childhood friend when you catch each other’s eyes through a crowd after decades apart.  Just the feeling of comfort and identity that you get when you finally, completely, have found your “thing”.

It’s the same here at Newcastle Hampers, where you can confidently make a selection from our aged menu of delectable hampers and gift baskets featuring the finest of local providore fresh food and boutique wines from little out of the way vineyards that we think are pretty special.  Like for example our latest find – a bespoke winery at Twin Bridges where the knowledge and experience adds up to something like 500 years which is a lot compared to the six vintages they have available for sale.  But being “new” doesn’t mean rough and ready or lacking in finesse – quite the opposite as the latest vintage has emerged as well credentialed drinking and cellaring proposition.

Just Like Twin Bridges is linking the gap between experience and taste, so too do the team behind Hunter Valley Hampers, who has established a reputation that echoes beyond the small operations team into the boardrooms and executive suites across Australia.  Just as there is so many differing tastes and experiences to be had across the mighty Hunter Valley, so too do the degrees of wonderful vary across the hamper and gift basket combinations on offer.

If we did have to declare a favourite, it would be limiting our experience to one single selection of products, condiments and wines above all the others – and this would be against our avowed promise to offer a full flavour degustation of all the Hunter Valley has to offer.  So, if I may dare, I suggest you take me up on the offer to declare my favourite, but perhaps not just yet - -there is another blog post in that and I would hate to play my hand early.

Newcastle Hampers are the perfect award winning gift idea for Christmas 2013 and there has never been a better time to share our local Hunter Valley produce with your friends family and business connections than right now. 

Being in this game for a decade or so has taught me a lot about human motivations and desires.  First, there are the game players – who want to sort of win a discount or extra additive at no extra cost no matter what.  Sure, we let them win so long as they pay at the right margin.  It’s all about meeting the client’s expectations and keeping the business afloat right?

Next, are the Free Delivery Monks.  They are like monks in that there is no way to sway their beliefs.  If delivery ain’t free, then there’s no play.  And, after being in this game for so long, can I let you in on a secret?  Yeah, well, delivery ain’t free – not ever.  So sure we might be able to hide the delivery cost from you, but it will still be there, somewhere, and our margin will remain intact.  After all, there is no point winning an account at a lower margin – heck – we sell out every Christmas so why sell out at below margin?  Doesn’t make sense does it?

Newcastle Hampers + Gift Baskets

Ordering a Hamper in Newcastle

> Call 1300 284 684 for Newcastle's Original hamper Specialists - serving Corporate and Family Clients since 1988.  Should take one phone call to an established successful business with years of experience and a knack for getting things right. 
Newcastle Fruit Hampers and Gourmet Gift Baskets

 Often, potential clients are in a rush to place their order, just like you, and making the right decision is clouded by things like advertising, previous experience in dealing with the company, and the strength of honest and reliable testimonials. 


Why Jenny Cried
When She Saw Her
Fruit Hamper

Just this morning, a beautiful sunny winter day, Jenny* (not her real name) was admitted to the Private Hospital with worrying symptoms.  Jenny is a busy mum of two, a wife, a business owner, goes to yoga as often as time permits, and walks around the block regularly.  Now suddenly there's talk of a tumor and she's spending her first night in hospital since Joshua' birth seven years ago.

Around lunchtime, I knocked on the door of Jenny's room. 

"It's OK,"  she called out, "come in."

And there was Jenny sitting up in bed with a luncheon tray in front of her.

"This is for you, from Al and the team at work," I said, handing her the personal handwritten message and placing the fruit basket on the trolley.

Jenny smiled and looked at the Fruit Hamper and then back at me.  Tears welled in her eyes.

"Thank you," she said, and then, almost imperceptibly, "I'm so scared.."
In the lift on the way back to the carpark, the nurse who had seen me deliver the hamper said it was "the best hospital gift delivered" she had ever seen.  But she wondered why there were so many pieces of fruit.  It was also the largest, most generous fruit hamper.  And, she had seen plenty over the years.

"I mean, one person can't possibly eat all that much?"  The Nursing Unit Manager said.

"It's all about sharing - plenty of fresh fruit means that everyone - from friends to family to medical staff to visiting doctors - can feel included and share a gorgeous green apple or plump mandarin."

I said, knowing how popular our fruitbaskets are with the staff on the wards."A freshest fruit basket makes being in hospital just that little bit more bearable, and everyone loves the fresh immediacy of fruit."

*Newcastle Hamper Newsflash*

We would like to share the best local ideas we have sourced from the Newcastle Hamper Google searches and be able to confidently recommend the best fit for your order, depending on your position, circumstances and of course, areas for local delivery.

Everyone loves a list, so we have compiled a list of the most reputable local Newcastle Gift basket suppliers featuring FREE delivery, same day delivery and of course, next day delivery.  Everyoe loves free delivery almost as much as fishing in Newcastle.

It goes without saying that getting the delivery part of your gourmet hamper order makes all the difference when you are looking at using a reputable, easily recognized gift basket specialist. 

DELIVERY – For the best hints and tips about delivery of your gift hamper to Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, there is a wealth of information to guide you through the process. 

First of all, don’t be enticed by the offer of FREE delivery – usually it is encompassed in the buy price of the hamper or gift basket – that means you are paying more for the basic fruit hamper or gourmet basket to cover these expenses.  Newcastle's Best Brunch spots are great - although they do not offer FREE delivery either.

In my personal experience, the best way to get around this is to work with your suppliers and ask directly what the delivery price is.

POPULAR HAMPERS – Here’s some key pointers to get the best from your hamper order in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie – and don’t forget we deliver across Port Stephens – from Nelson Bay to Raymond Terrace and of course East Maitland and Rutherford. 

There is a lot to say about the difference between the most searched for hampers and what makes the best just a shade above those that are highly recommended.  We prefer to offer the best local hampers in Newcastle.

NEWCASTLE HAMPERS Newcastle City is in the midst of a classic regrowth and development stage

For sure we have the mines, a thriving Port, and a multitude of local eateries but what makes Newcastle special above all this is the lifestyle and lack of traffic, especially around the CBD.  People love the beaches of Newcastle above all,

Keeping your hamper choice to a local business supplier, who favours local farm gate products and regional gourmet food growers ensures you get the best results for your google searches. 

Above all, when choosing Newcastle Hampers, be careful to take an extra moment to select the right gourmet hamper company – or if you choose a fruit basket, the best fruit gift hamper specialist. 

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