Mini Fruit Baskets the Next Big Thing?

mini fruit baskets
Mini Fruit Baskets are going off in a big way
Our new range of Mini-Baskets are proving quite challenging to fill with fresh fruit for delivery.

On the last two orders, I was forced to add just a single cherry to the basket - and I was lucky to have used enough cellophane to cover a chocolate wrapper.

I am not sure where this is heading - I always thought that bigger was better but going by the popularity of the mini baskets - we are seeing a mini-flood of mini orders.

It has been a bit of a struggle to convince the delivery driver that we are serious and that he has to be able to read the delivery address on the matchbook-sized delivery cartons we are using.

One Japanese lady we delivered to was completely overwhelmed and said it was the nicest gift she had received in ages.  The other delivery yesterday was for a get well soon and the note had something about "not overdoing it while you recover, so I sent you a mini fruit basket" which was kinda funny.

We can only wait and see how it goes and where mini fruit baskets lead us - I know a lot of businesses focus on the big things and offering more and more - but for us I think we might have stumbled upon a real hit here - mini fruit baskets might just be my calling.