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Have you seen how much space and clutter a few bouquets of flowers takes up in a hospital ward - or in the home of a person recovering from illness? There is nothing that compares to the fresh immediacy of a fresh fruit basket when you are sharing wishes of goodwill and gratefulness. Award winning fruit baskets make all the difference when you consider fruit is ready to eat right now, is easily held in the hand and most importantly - makes you feel great.

Looking for fresh ideas to increase your fruit intake? Take a look at Market Fresh for some stunning inspiration and dimple presentation ideas.

The best way to add more fruit to your diet is by making it feel as though it is a normal part of your day. The team behind WA Fresh Fruit have come up with some real innovations and it is no wonder people are following their adventures. They have 15k + Facebook likes - fantastic!

If you are looking for a whole body experience, why not try limiting your intake of refined and processed foods, as Sarah Wilson eats Fresh Fruit demonstrates. She has some startling insights into sugar and how fresh fruit sugar is different.

But is it all about fresh fruit? What about when you eat dried fruit in muesli or as part of your children's healthy lunchbox? Apparently Dried Fruit is just as good as fresh fruit. Who doesn't love a dried date?

So you want to grow your own fresh fruit in your backyard? Sounds like a great way to bend your back and share some time in the garden with your family. You can buy fresh fruit trees and have them delivered Australia wide here.

But for most of us the reality is we will be buying fresh fruit from the supermarket - and here is a valuable resource to find what is in season and what you can expect to pay buying fresh Aussie Fruit at Australian Supermarkets. Remember to buy often and in small amounts to maximize freshness.

Looking around the internet, we found this useful list of Australian fresh fruit and vegetable providores - have a good look the list is quite long. For the freshest local farm Australian fresh fruit there is plenty recommending buy local.

But for some scathing background insights into the whole fruit and vegetable industry, read this ABC report about your fresh fruit products. People are getting more empowered and know more about where their fruit is sourced in 2014.

For inspired, generous fruit baskets, you have a wealth of choice and my personal favourite is for a fruit hamper delivery in Newcastle by Hunter Valley Hampers. Been at it since 1988, and have a large local following. You'd do yourself a favour sticking with the industry experts.

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