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New Baby Fruit Basket featuring the classic styling of a FlatOut Bear.
Apples are a mainstay of the traditional fruit basket or get well soon hamper and make a bright, crunchy contrast to the other softer fruits.  Apples are absolutely authentic and original when it comes to the fruit world – they do not grow true to seed – which means each and every seed in your apple has a different potential apple variety! 

There have been in excess of 7500 varieties of different apples documented over time and of these, there are still about 150 plus apple types still in commercial production!  That means there are plenty of different tastes, types and textures for you to choose from when you are assembling a fruit gift idea.

There is also the growing movement for apple growers to favour heirloom and ancient apple varieties over the newer variations, so the older lcassics are constantly evolving for the modern marketplace.  In Australia, commercial constraints like transportability, colour retention and longevity of flavour has strongly influenced the varietals available – which means you are most likely to see these Australian Apples.

Bogle – a miniature Aussie apple with golden red blushed skin – perfect for baking.

Bonza – Crisp eating apple derived from the Jonathan.

Gala – a cross originally from New Zealand, with better tasting strains like imperial, royal and regal making the best for the table.

Golden Delicious – from the US, pale green with golden flecks – ideal for eating in fruit baskets delivered to Newcastle NSW and cooking with.

Granny Smith – Originally from a seedling in Sydney, now widespread across the world – a tart green eating apple.

Jonathan – A smallish popular eating apple that is not seen often due to it's poor storage.

Pink Lady – From Western Australia, a cross between the lady William and Delicious apple with good eating flesh.

Red Delicious – the most widely grown dessert apple in the world, with a distinctive crown of ridges around the “freckle” at the base of the core.

Red Fuji – from Japan, the most distinctive feature for this eating apple is the honey core which is a concentration of sugars – highly desirable. 

Sundowner – another WA cross, this apple is a mellow version of the pink lady with simlar long term storage abilities.

Australia boasts the ideal climate to grow apples, with a noted lack of apple pests that plague other continents and an ideal climate to ensure sustained vigorous growth.  We don't have to suffer the scourge of Apple Blight or hard to control pests like apple codling moth. 

It is the buyers perogative to ensure that a diverse range of tasty, appealing apples are brought to market by making strong preferences for these strengths and not buying product that lacks any desirable qualities.  Choosing fresh apples has become very difficult due to the long store time and prevalence of cool rooms for fresh fruit at all major fruit and vegetable markets across Australia.

But in saying that, the long term storage of apples has always been a feature of the fruit – going back centuries earlier people were in need of fresh fruit over the long dark winters.  So it is quite wrong to think that the long storage times of modern fruit are wrong or not expected – it is just part of what has worked for apples and apple growers

I am happy to say that for our Sydney Fruit Baskets we have established trusted relationships with a network of quality assurred fruiterers and markets so we can ensure you get the best eating fruit in your gourmet hamper.  After all, when you make the connection with you are relying our expertise and professionalism to get the best fruit for your dollar.  And we think that's pretty special...

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